Mindset – Reflections En Route is published!

Introducing Mindset – Reflections En Route  – a book of poetry with photographic images:

Book Cover

A personal path travelled: enjoying nature’s beauty in four seasons with reflections on life, treading through dark ravines of adversity (including my personal experience of breast cancer), finally coming to a place of profound Light. 

The positive mindset of hope, patience, and joy underlying all situations emanates from reliance on and thankfulness to God.

The variety of traditional structure, free form, haiku, and tanka poems together form a cohesive “story line” enriched by the skillful blend of images.

Dear friends, the winter was long, the publishing learning curve steep (pretty much straight up), the steps precisely detailed, the assistance remarkable, my confidence often flagging but bolstered by helpful encouragement. It also helped to take a dose of stubborn determination along the lines of  ” …where angels fear to tread”!  Now my first book is done, and I’m ready for spring!

I invite you to browse the free sample preview on my website  (click here). There’s also more information about the poetry and images, and the different formats available of the book.
I hope you enjoy it!

Your thoughts?

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