Fault and Default


Thinking Hard - Yes, there's a story coming some time this year

Thinking Hard – Yes, there’s a story coming some time this year

Somehow, two months slithered through this blog’s word processor in total silence, and froze there. It’s Febrrruary, and our cold temperatures have reached record lows. Cozy in my house, I’m thawing out some frozen chunks of writing starts, perhaps coming soon to a blog near you…  There’s a little piece describing a sunny flight over snowy southern Ontario in a Cessna 150. Some illustration efforts. Another chunk with fragments of deep thoughts inspired, but more eloquently expressed by other writers, photographers, artists and musicians.

Well, after all that, surely through no fault of its own, my brain simply defaulted to its favourite mindset for “when the going gets tough”: sheer silliness! If you dare, you can read some in the attached pdf below.

Umm, a warning is in order: remember all the “memory work” you had to do in school? (Well, if you’re of a retiring generation, that is). Many of those poems resurface in my mind from time to time, like itching earworms, but incomplete, which drives me crazy when I can’t remember how they go. Thank goodness for those kind souls who have been putting everything on the internet so I can find relief.

The font I chose for my part below is called “deja vu condensed” –yes, it was intentional. So now you know how bad things get around here!  I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway:

Here’s the link Writing Poetry: Parodies and Perplexities

Your thoughts?

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