Groping for Words

Groping for Words

Groping for Words (An octopus in Maui Ocean Center)

Or, Checking the Internet to Avoid Duplicating a Clever Title

Here’s what I discovered:

My clever expressions: “clichés”!!
My mind has been mulling for days
        (ideas unshackling,
        my funny-bone crackling!)
just a mundane phrase in a maze…

“Back to the drawing board,” as they all say.

– – – – – – – – – – –

More about where my “writing buddy” (pictured above) lives:
For travellers to Hawai’i, the Maui Ocean Center is an amazing place to visit. You start off outdoors at what equates to the shoreline: a “surge” area with typical fish. Enter the building, and physically descend into the depths of a “reef,” marvel  at  the great variety of fish and other creatures swimming, floating, posing, digging, swaying, hiding, in the softly-lit aquariums at each level.  Watch out, at the bottom are sharks!

About taking pictures– you can take all you like, but without flash. For my own personal documentation, I used a small camera on manual setting, hand-held, with very high ISO setting. Of course the pictures turned out very grainy, with focus issues. But my clever husband used one of his magic photo programs to help with that. I think this one turned out very well for my purpose here. Now, to identify all my fish portraits — a happy challenge, since it will make me take time to reminisce…

5 thoughts on “Groping for Words

    • Hahaha! I won’t tell, especially since I only thought of that myself after I put my poetry book on Amazon. 🙂 Searching the internet by title or parts of title only, I discovered a great many interesting books and websites! So, distinguishing between cliche and mere common usage/normal English that everyone understands, can be tricky. (It’s just annoying to my ego, though, when I’m chortling to myself over the most clever, original phrase I finally came up with, and discover that everyone else has already been groaning about that pun for some time… 🙂 ) Don’t you get hung up on this, though–it just gave me some fodder to write about. I always find your blog refreshing! 🙂 Thanks for reading and liking my post.


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