C is for …

C is for Clutter Creativity

Can you have both clutter AND creativity at the same time, or do you have to choose between clutter OR creativity? Drive yourself crazy trying to find consensus in scientific or popular commentaries on the internet, then find out what’s right for you!

Old Mother Hubbard - Detail of Wikipedia image (Public Domain)

Old Mother Hubbard – Detail of Wikipedia image (Public Domain)

I concede that, as much as I cringe at the thought of filing papers, I complete more creative goals when my desks are clutter-free (once I’ve recovered from the awe-inspiring, bright sight of empty work surfaces, with my writing and painting tools handy in tidy containers).

Alluding publicly (on my “About” page, no less) to my lofty intention to “downsize clutter,” I must have wanted, subconsciously, to be held accountable for achieving that goal. (On the other hand, it’s also possible that I was simply stuffing a wad of “wishful thinking” fiction into a tiny empty space on a non-fiction page).

Anyway, not looking for sympathy nor to just cackle to myself, I’m hoping this rumination might resonate with someone else on this planet. Here’s how my project is going:

I am working on “downsizing clutter”!
Even so, I am still prone to mutter,
“Of course there’d be less
Of this uncontrolled mess–
If it weren’t so much fun just to putter!”

They say you should empty a cupboard
As bare as did Old Mother Hubbard*;
Then only replace
What you NEED in that space–
Not a single thing more, or you’re scuppered.

I’m determined at last to succeed,
Distinguishing MERE WANT from NEED.
I merrily whittle
Things little by little,
Though breaking no records for speed…

I concede it is worse than it looks,
if you check all the crannies and nooks.
Can I help that I’m smitten
By writers who’ve written?
I’ve stuffed all my shelves with their books!

– – – – –
Creativity and The Seven Cs

I’m grateful there’s much good advice available online, on writing, arts, and life! You can’t help encountering a plethora of how-to lists, such as “The Seven Cs” of almost any topic. You’d be surprised how many constructive habits enhance creativity (as well as beginning with the letter C), including Clarity, Conciseness, Collaboration, Consistency, Curiosity, and many more than seven. (Surely Orderliness ought to have been a candidate, pretending to start with a C, had it not been obviously overdone and gone full circle). Consequently, I was compelled to consult my trusty dictionary for a better word, but then my 2-year-old grandson came up with the best advice:
Come on, Omi! Let’s go play!”

– – – –
*Old Mother Hubbard, page of 19th Century verses – Wikipedia png image (Public Domain)

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