First Snowfall

It was inevitable, but of course we were surprised (or just in plain ordinary Canadian denial, having procrastinated in getting snow tires) when we got our first real snowfall during the night of Nov. 21.

Huge snowflakes, floating gently, silently from the dark sky and glistening in the soft glow of street lights, piled in soft mounds on branches and covered the ground. Slick driving conditions notwithstanding, you had to be in awe!  

Snow from midnight skies:
soft flakes covered earth’s dry crust
like sacred manna
that once dazzled faithful eyes.–
Winter’s come in mystic guise!

And a little winter morning mystery:


Now, who’s ready to go “walking in the winter Wonderland”?

14 thoughts on “First Snowfall

    • Thanks, Malaika! Well, our spectacular snow-scene was short-lived also. However, with just dreary gray skies and sometimes rain, we can still get around without putting on our big snow boots… 🙂 A wonderful day to you too! 🙂

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