“On the Fifth Day of Christmas…”

Fifth Day already? You mean we’re already almost halfway through the Twelve Days of Christmas? Well, then it’s past high time I gave heartfelt thanks to fellow writers who brightened the blogosphere with their festive images and words all this past month. Thank-you! I hope that all of you, readers and writers, enjoyed a time of love and peace in your own personal spheres!

H0011975_crop-angel_350Personally, I’m grateful to have felt uplifting respite (from current concerns in this troubled world, and personal and health issues among friends and family) on Christmas Eve and Day, in joyful celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ in special church services filled with beautiful music, candlelight, and profound words from Scripture; and afterward in heart-warming and fun family get-togethers over several days.

So today really IS the fifth day of Christmas?! I was originally going to write a post “On the Fourth Day of Christmas,” working briskly on a bright, energetic Monday morning after festivities were over. The post was going to be full of philosophical thoughts and perspectives that whirled around in my mind this last month while I was caught up in a (gentle) swirl of festive and not-so-festive events. Instead, I spent the day doing other things…

Reflections-New Year_700So, while someone might rudely suspect the title had to be changed because of me sliding back into my old procrastination habits, I say: Procrastination, bah humbug! Consider that I could have, under that old system, legitimately waited until January 1st for those infamous New Year’s Resolutions to kick in! BUT, I’ve decided to “kick those BUTS.” Resolved: not to make any more of those silly New Year’s Resolutions in the first place; I’m simply taking regular quiet, creative time for myself within a satisfying “normal” “routine”!

Aaah, if you think this sounds like I’ve been following motivational posts and webinars to help me over a mental slump/hump, you’re right. For example, I’ve found the Blog of James Clear (behavioural psychologist) to be a great resource with solid, practical advice on many topics, written very clearly! Look at his list of helpful articles: “The Beginner’s Guide to Deliberate Practice.” Everyone will find some useful pointers here.

I’m also excited to have discovered the Quote Investigator, a fascinating blog and website by Garson O’Toole, who meticulously tracks down the provenance and attributions of famous quotes. One can easily spend lots of time here, being entertained productively!

Looking for a particular, well-known quote applicable to my topic today, I found it in this article: “To be is to do; to do is to be; do be do be do.”  Actually, this quote could provide a dual function, first as a philosophical underpinning for efforts at overcoming inertia, while simultaneously providing a sophisticated, perhaps almost insidious opportunity for procrastination! How handy is that?!

Scrolling down past numerous variations of this saying, I had to stop at the following graffito with its three added lines (found on a library wall at the University of Guelph, coincidentally near my own hometown), as it propels mere theory/philosophy into real action!

After adding, as a title, a famous quote from another version, it looks like this must be, or could at least do, as some form of poetry. (Although, somehow it sounds suspiciously like a conversation with myself). Please check that Quote Investigator article for clarifications on the attributions:

To Be Or Not To Be?
—William Shakespeare

To be is to do. —Aristotle
To do is to be. —J.P. Sartre
Do be do be do. —F. Sinatra
What is to be done? —Lenin
Do It! —J. Rubin
O.K.! O.K.! —T. Mann

Happy New Year, everyone!

4 thoughts on ““On the Fifth Day of Christmas…”

  1. New year resolutions never worked for me too ! Btw I loved the quotes in the end,never knew such variety existed with just mixing around few words ! May the new year bring good health and prosperity to you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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