A Pain in the Butt: Redux

"A beggar dressed in rags, limping with the aid of a staff towards a village." Etching possibly after Jacques Callot. Wellcome Library, London. Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

“A beggar dressed in rags, limping with the aid of a staff towards a village.” Etching, attr. Jacques Callot.  Wellcome Library, London.  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

I’m grateful for having received a lot of empathy, encouragement, good advice, and reassurance that I’m in plenty of good company, after my post on A Pain in the Butt and Other Life Lessons. Thank-you!

Now, I thought an update would be in order. This caveat still stands: anything I (simply a patient) mention here or in the previous post is for information only. For yourself, check with your healthcare provider to gear to your own situation. Everyone is different!

Since I’m different too, I’d better add another caveat to this post. Warning: Limericks Ahead!

This rhyming, inane, in my brain
When my nether parts wallow in pain
Has one main attraction:
Providing distraction
From feeling I’ve derailed my train!

My Saga of Pains in the Butt
I’ll soon be out of this rut,
And gladly abstaining
From whining, complaining.
But, wait! Let me tell you what’s what:

Step One, Acupuncture, was chief.
I’m glad apprehension was brief
As I lay there, inverted,
With needles inserted
In muscle knots.– Oh, what relief!

Later, in surfing the internet for more information about sciatica treatments, I discovered that some people find relief with botox injections. Botox? Really? There? Sorry, then I just couldn’t help myself:

While faces with wrinkles and creaks
Regain Classical Beauty of Greeks
With botox injected,
This I have neglected.–
And now, would I smooth other cheeks??

Seriously, and with heartfelt thanks for a helpful, hot tip from blogger Holistic Wayfarer:

A kind blogger offered advice:
Try Castor Oil Patches, at least thrice,
Wrapped in towels and heat.
(Ah, this home-spa is sweet!)
Check this link for instructions precise!

To carry this on I’m quite keen,
Feeling better than lately I’ve been.
With music and book,
In a warm, cozy nook,
I’m becoming a well-oiled machine!

In this eye-opening article, My Back talks Back, blogger Joyful2bee gives erudite insights from personal experiences about back pain and (yikes!) aging. Since that last concept affects most of us sooner or later, this is a worthwhile read!


Circus Images, 1766-1939 (MS Thr 693 [68]), Harvard Theatre Collection, Harvard University

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m continuing with physiotherapy and I’m more and more enamoured of my elliptical trainer (sorry to disappoint, but, no, not a (handsome) muscular circus acrobat teaching me how to do elliptical flips through the air, but merely a Nordic-walking-style-treadmill machine).

I’ve been prodded to return to yoga, encouraged to relax and indulge in nice warm baths with Epsom salts, and Hubby bought a new massager with a heat option. Hmmm, things are certainly looking up.

I feel fortunate that my muscle-knots-on-sciatica issues are clearing up with relatively straightforward treatments and lifestyle adjustments. Patience! However, what’s causing the remaining serious pain that still prevents me from walking much, is To-Be-Determined, x-rays coming up. Words like “osteo-arthritis” have been uttered.

Then, just to balance things out a bit this week, while joyfully goofing around with my little grandson, I carelessly twisted my upper body, pulling some unsuspecting muscle along my ribs on my other side. Aah, when will I ever learn?

When I’m feeling sorry for myself (yes, that also happens), I’ve been encouraged by knowing that others have overcome these and worse challenges through:

  • self-awareness (listening to their body’s messages)
  • self-discipline (carrying through with all the good advice and techniques)
  • common sense (not overdoing anything).

It all sounds suspiciously like those wise words, “balance” and “mindfulness.”  I see there’s no age limit on self-improvement! So, no ifs, ands, or– buts!

In all this, there is only so much that others can help with. Lying in bed, stuck in the quiet darkness of my own thoughts and pain, I remember dealing with cancer. I had experienced that asking for, and quietly allowing the light of God’s love and healing to pour into your mind and body gives a soothing kind of strength and peace, even joy. (Cold logic, focussing on pain, doesn’t comprehend this). St. Paul, in his letter to the Philippians says, “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”  In my mind, I still see my mother sitting on the edge of her bed, stooped, wracked in decades-old pain of rheumatoid arthritis. There’s a Bible and hymn book on her lap, and a song on her smiling lips! I thank God for her example and the reminder to follow it.

The crux of the matter is this:Swans
A pain is a pain, and no bliss.
You do what it takes
To improve the stakes,
And seal Love into Life with a kiss!



11 thoughts on “A Pain in the Butt: Redux

  1. Double-like. And not for the sweet, conscientious props you gave me. Such clever poems! So glad you’ve done the acuptr also. The more you do the castor, the better. If you place it over your abdomen and solar plexus (look it up if not sure, but between and just below breasts), you increase lymphocytes (fighter T cells). Over your stomach, your digestion gets going. It dries up sinuses and helped bring me out of the grave when I was sick.

    I hope you can find a class near you. If you happen to find a practitioner who is also a physical therapist, you might get it covered under insurance. FK has helped people all over the world with back pain:


    Liked by 1 person

      • My pleasure, H. The FK is worth the search. They are very gentle, simple moves. I love how its goal is to wean you OFF the trainer – unlike visits to any other specialist or a dr. FK equips you to listen to yourself and use your own body for efficiency and healing. As to the castor, I would do 6 consecutive days at first, break a day or two, and resume another 5 days. Any and all supplements work more efficiently and effectively after a break. I marveled that we need a Sabbath on the cellular level as well!!

        Let me know if you have any ques along the way.


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  2. Hi Hildegard. We met at Blogging World and somehow lost touch. I really enjoyed your post and funny poems. I wish I could find castor oil (not sure the Spanish translation) because I have a bugger of a backache. i know I need to start exercising again and take breaks from the computer. I’m off for a break right now. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! Yes, I remember you too, and your wild RV adventures, and am so pleased you reconnected here. Congratulations on your book!
      Castor oil in Spanish – I found “aceite de castor” and “aceite de ricino.” The castor plant in Latin is “ricinis communis.” Please check first with a healthcare professional about your particular problem. Also, the oil is for external use only, and the quality of oil needs to be top-notch. Best wishes for speedy relief!

      Liked by 1 person

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