Sonnet on Time


They’ve come and gone again, these endless Ides*
That ebb and flow relentlessly as tides!
Thank God they’ve lapped again upon my shore,
Each crash of waves unlike the ones before.

The rushing, sloshing foam sounds all the same,
But sliding back, its pearls upon the sand
Meander into myriad patterns, and
Erased again, new shapes their spaces claim.

Once digging gardens with strong back and arms,
Now healing patiently from cancer’s harms;
Once swinging children round with whooping glee,
Now grateful here to sing with them, and be;

Each day, I’m thankful God my soul restores–
New patterns brings upon my hopeful shores!

Beach foam - 2016-05-18-1-2

*Ides: ancient Roman word for the 15th day of the month.


20 thoughts on “Sonnet on Time

    • Thanks for your kind comment, and for your concern! For the moment, let me say I’m as expressed in the poem. 🙂 I’m dealing with some serious health concerns, and simultaneously showered with blessings that keep me in great spirits. Patterns on the sand! 🙂 I suspect I’ll blog more on this as I figure out what may be helpful. 🙂

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  1. Your poem leaves me speechless,
    As your beauty expressed is fearless.
    You have always been an inspiration,
    And I am filled to the brim of admiration.

    People will read and be left in awe,
    As your words expressed are without flaw.
    Sending you blessings and healings,
    Through love, hugs, and all those feelings.

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    • Lovely, Katrina! I didn’t know you had the poetry bug in addition to your beautiful music-making! 🙂 Thanks for your loving thoughts; be assured they’re mutual! I always hope people will be inspired to open themselves to their own creative centres. Thanks for your kind comment. 🙂


  2. I am hoping you are receiving treatment that heals you. Cancer is such a serious and scary affliction. Wishing for a miracle and your positive attitude to kick the “C” on its behind! Hugs from a new friend, Robin

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    • Thank-you so very much, Robin! How very thoughtful of you to care and send hugs! I can confidently say that while the situation is serious, things are certainly looking up now, and I thank God for that. 🙂 I’ve been enjoying perusing your website too! Thanks for your visit and kindness!


  3. This is beautiful! I’m just catching up now and didn’t realize how much you’ve been writing! Something else to keep me from getting anything done around the house, but I’m enjoying all your posts!

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    • Thanks, Heidi! I’m happy if you can take some time for yourself to read and enjoy; but remember, your biggest job “around the house” is feeding that little grandson of mine! 😉


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